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Please find below our updated price list. As a result of Covid-19, the rates had to be adjusted due to additional work and material required to move your belongings.

The date of your move may also affect the rate.

Call 514-237-3115 or 450-755-7947 for more information.

We gladly attend to your queries 7 days a week during the summer and 6 days a week during the winter.

2 movers 3 movers 4 movers

$ 125
per Hour

1 22-foot truck
2 qualified movers

$ 145
per Hour

1 22-foot truck
3 qualified movers

$ 235
per Hour

2 22-foot truck
4 qualified movers

Our rates cover:

  • The number of cleaned, disinfected, thoroughly inspected and equipped trucks every night (depending on the package chosen) 
  • Full insurance ($50 000 for cargo and $5 000 000 for liability)
  • Cleaned padded covers with a bedbug guarantee (we will cover all your home furniture)
  • Four (4) wardrobe boxes per truck
  • TV boxes of all sizes
  • Mattress covers of all sizes (unlimited number)
  • Floor covers, dollies and all the necessary tools and equipment to disassemble your furniture (if needed)
  • Petrol needed for your move

The above prices do not include handling fees for heavy or non-standard items such as:

  • Grand pianos
  • Baby grand pianos
  • Upright pianos
  • Spas
  • Jacuzzis
  • Complete marble, slate or glass tables
  • Artworks
  • Safes
  • Gun safes
  • Valuables over $6 000
  • Items over 300 pounds (to be confirmed)

Call us for a quote on heavy or valuable items!

To avoid any confusion, customers are invited to inform us of any non-standard item when requesting a quote.

At Transport Déménagement C.L., we like straightforward and professional agreements. That's why we operate with a 3-hour minimum requirement and then bill you on a 15-minute basis. Therefore, we only charge the time spent with you. The time starts when our movers arrive at your home and ends when they take the last box off the truck. We will then bill you as follows: from our company (205 rue du Centaure, L'Épiphanie) to your first address and then from your second address to our company.

For example, 60 minutes for a round trip to Montréal. If our movers arrive at your home in Rosemont at 11:00 am and leave your new address in Anjou at 2:00 pm: The time billed will be: 30 minutes to get to your home, 3 hours of moving time, 30 minutes to get back to our company, making a total billable time of 4 hours.

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